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A sodium poor liquid mineral complex from the sea, with all the necessary ingredients and trace elements in a directly absorbable form, available to plants and animals. The sea is the largest mine on earth and is hardly used. Apart from the available mineral complexes the sea contains immense amounts of Fulvic acid. It is precisely this combination of trace elements with fulvic acid, that makes liquid Immutines ™ so interesting for farming, horticulture, horses, pets, beef and dairy. The application range is so wide, that years of research will be necessary to bring about the entire picture.

At the Research button you will find several results that may be important to you. The bitter necessity to put Immutines ™ as fertilizer or supplementary mineral complex in the food chain, is given the impoverishment of our farmland and the products that grow on it a logical consequence. In addition, statistics from the U.S. government regarding the depletion of agricultural farm land and the products that grow on it, Shows a causal connection between poorer food and the spectacular increase in autoimmune diseases, cancer, heart disease and asthma. http://www.nutritionsecurity.org/PDF/Food%20Nutrition%20Decline.pdf

In the competitive world we live, every penny counts. Immutines ™ provides savings and improvements in the use of pesticides, fertilizers, veterinary costs, yields and soil. The increase in nutrients and antioxidants in plant and animal promotes overall health. The information on this website is not written for producers who are so short-sighted that they do not recognize their own interests and the public interest. It is written for those who want to move forward and produce better and more healthier food that does not pollute the environment, and at the same time generates higher revenues.

At the IMMUTINES button is a comprehensive document available for you on the how, why and the necessity for Immutines ™.

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